Heidi Klum Punishes Tim Gunn; Demands More Schaden for Her Schadenfreude

The tail end of the Project Runway finalists' show held last Friday at Lincoln Center featured an odd little scene of mild-punishment infliction — accompanied by complaints at the mildness of said punishment — played out by Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. The punishment was doled out by Klum in the form of a bucket of ice… »9/08/14 12:11pm9/08/14 12:11pm

Dispatches From the Project Runway Show at New York Fashion Week

Someone at Lifetime TV (apparently mistaking me for someone important) sent me an invitation to the Project Runway show at Lincoln Center. So I spent last Friday morning there, attempting to capture interesting tidbits from the experience using — listed in order of reliability — a camera, a tape recorder and my brain. »9/07/14 12:06pm9/07/14 12:06pm