Project Runway Open Thread: The Season Finale

This is a week of fashion goodbyes, it seems. First (and most importantly), we bid adieu to the great Oscar de la Renta. And tonight, we say farewell to the not-so-great Season 13 of Project Runway. Join us in our season-finale open thread, as we drink, weep, laugh and try to make sense of it all! » 10/23/14 5:25pm 10/23/14 5:25pm

Project Runway Open Thread, Week 13

It must be getting late in the season, because the numbers are counting down: Only four designers are still standing. Only three more auf wiedersehens, two episodes, one runway show, and zero "Tim Gunn saves" are due to occur. Fortunately, hundreds of witty comments remain to be posted in our open thread — so join us! » 10/16/14 6:00pm 10/16/14 6:00pm

Project Runway Open Thread, Week 9

The hell with maturity. You've been behaving like an adult all day, and what has it got you? A headache, probably. So tonight, I suggest you release your inner child and live-chat tonight's Project Runway episode with us instead. Nothing like a little joint juvenility to improve the old mood, I always say! » 9/18/14 5:00pm 9/18/14 5:00pm

Project Runway Open Thread: Week 8

Ready for another Project Runway sharing session? We can share our thoughts on tonight's episode — and also our worries, our hopes and our dreams. We can share whatever we want, because it's good to share! Also, I can share some of my experiences from the Project Runway finalists' show at Lincoln Center last Friday,… » 9/11/14 5:50pm 9/11/14 5:50pm

Heidi Klum Punishes Tim Gunn; Demands More Schaden for Her Schadenfreude

The tail end of the Project Runway finalists' show held last Friday at Lincoln Center featured an odd little scene of mild-punishment infliction — accompanied by complaints at the mildness of said punishment — played out by Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. The punishment was doled out by Klum in the form of a bucket of ice… » 9/08/14 12:11pm 9/08/14 12:11pm

Dispatches From the Project Runway Show at New York Fashion Week

Someone at Lifetime TV (apparently mistaking me for someone important) sent me an invitation to the Project Runway show at Lincoln Center. So I spent last Friday morning there, attempting to capture interesting tidbits from the experience using — listed in order of reliability — a camera, a tape recorder and my brain. » 9/07/14 12:06pm 9/07/14 12:06pm