Here are a few of my favorite comments from last week's Project Runway Open Thread:

heavenstomurgatroyd That no longer screams teenage hooker. Now it screams adult hooker.


Project_Ceeteau Nothing says grace like a lampshade around your feet.

Pyewacket There once was a judge named Zac Posen
Who designs like a pro when he sewzin'
But when judging he's pale
At Kors zingers he fails
And that's why we wish he'd stop posin'


afts I would donate to a Kickstarter to see Zac try to twerk.

alimum The button bag is a magical object, like the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter. It whispers to Tim or Heidi when they are holding it and guides their hands to the button that will create the most drama.


GoOnWithoutMe Korina: "It's wearable." Yes, if you are a Sherpa helping rich tourists climb mountains.

Pyewacket I'd like to see Victoria Beckham in Kini's soccer-ball dress. Or maybe David.


WIncredulous Korina is as bitter as broccoli rabe.

heavenstomurgatroyd What??! "Our girl is a Peruvian photographer going to Helsinki for a fashion shoot." OH OKAY.


heavenstomurgatroyd In the end, it was Korina's bitter, hate-filled heart that did her in. How poetic. Maybe she should move to Peru and become a photographer.

Project_Ceeteau Korina, meet Karma.

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