Here are a few of my favorite comments from last week's Top Chef open thread:


Substitute Preacher Mei, I'm getting the sense your little brother was the only family member willing to come help you, grouchy pants.

BabyJane If I were Mei Lin's brother I wouldn't want her around me with knives.

WIncredulous And... Padma is now wearing a fishnet.

Ned Frey At this point, I think she's just trolling us with her costume choices this season.


BabyJane So she's trolling with a fishnet. Well played pun, Padma!

BaileyQuarters This started that year that she was in cowgirl outfits all the time. Maybe she fired her stylist and was like "I got this" and no one wanted to say anything to lovely Padma. Like "where are your pants?" Or just "No."


Substitute Preacher That was polite of everyone, to fake laugh at that "diversity" comment from the white dude.

Project_Ceeteau Melissa's mama kind of resembles an Asian Sophia Loren.

GoOnWithoutMe Tonight's guest judge; you can trust him:

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