Here are a few of my favorite comments from our last Top Chef open thread on Morning After:

carlinemom: Padma is smoking the cilantro again...

Project_Ceeteau: She is a dedicated herbalist.

GoOnWithoutMe: I found this for the Hugh "Hughibrow" Acheson special event:


And a natural one; that one really kind of looks like him:


Substitute Preacher: The resemblance on dog #2 is uncanny. It makes Hughnibrow seem more attractive to look like such a cute dog!

BabyJane: I have so much respect for my food that I never sleep with it on the first date. After the fourth date, however, all bets are off. #Crackers in bed


Project_Ceeteau: Adam's front of the house routine reminds me of a five year old with ADHD who missed his morning dose of Ritalin

BaileyQuarters: Re "If someone throws up on each tablecloth I want to be able to change the linens". Bandana-man, if it is a puke fest, no one cares about the tablecloths!


PinkPeriwinkle: What a shitshow on the orange team. Magellan has run aground!

Carlinemom: And not at the Cook Islands!

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