Here are a few of my favorite comments from our last Top Chef open thread:

AuntCake Soooooo Furious George Who Didn't Go to Culinary School Goddammit might come back, like herpes or some dormant opportunistic infection?


Substitute Preacher Padma is in overalls. PADMA IS IN OVERALLS. I don't know what to do with this. She's not even throwing a wink our way like she knows it's ridiculous. She had someone tailor her a pair of overalls.

carlinemom She is somehow under the impression that she is one of the daughters from One Day at a Time.


GoOnWithoutMe Turkel is back; that's good to see!


notanotherasian I am really wishing "shit chowder" was brought up weeks ago so Hugnibrow could've asked, "Would they have brought shit chowder to battle?" at the Judges Table.

littleolive Gail is the best. She's like a more approachable, more Jewish Barefoot Contessa.


AuntCake The flag bandanna thing is starting to irk me. Kind of like the guy with two pairs of glasses a few seasons ago.

chatcat2000 I knew I had seen Padma's outfit before...

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